DerbyXML is an XML file format used to represent flat track roller derby. It's primary focus is on recording events during a bout, with additional information about skaters and teams (and in an ancillary support mode, venues, rules, tournaments, etc...). XML can be a bit verbose (in comparison to say, JSON) but it is significantly smaller than storing data in a spreadsheet, as well as much easier to parse.

All bout events include support for timestamps and sources of the event (who it was that recorded that information). All bout events also include support for including textual notes - weird stuff happens eventually, and being able to document what and why is always important).

Skaters and teams all have a unique identifier (UUID) that allows a skaters to change names, numbers, teams, etc... and still be tracked. (Since there is no centralized "skater registration", skaters can actually have multiple UUIDs, with a scheme provided to coalesce those together).